About me

Welcome! I am a PhD candidate in Virginia Tech’s statistics department, where my research focuses on the creation of synthetic populations used for agent-based models. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work at SAIG for several years while working on my PhD, where I collaborated on dozens of graduate student theses and dissertations with students lacking statistical experience or education. I also got the chance to work on several grant-funded projects, some of which resulted in publications (with some still pending). I have collaborated on several public health projects which required HIPAA-compliant data storage and modeling. Also through SAIG, I have taught several short courses offered through Virginia Tech’s TLOS covering topics such as “Basics of R”, “Data Manipulation in R”, “Graphics in Base R”, and “Graphics in R using ggplot2”.

Outside of university, I am huge fan of ice hockey, having played since I was 11 years old. I enjoy bicycling (mainly mountain biking), hiking, and I have a minor addiction to what are called variant or hybrid Sudoku puzzles. If you love Sudoku, but find classic puzzles too easy, I strongly recommend looking into these!